Laura Ingraham guest: “It's clear we can't vaccinate our way out of this”

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Citation From the July 29, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): So, when Biden goes out there and says, I will repeat the question, if 100 percent of Americans get vaccinated, we're not going to have this problem, you won't have to be in masks. What does that mean?

DR. PETER MCCOLLOUGH: Well, yeah, Israel has -- Israel has over 80 percent of people fully vaccinated. Right now, as of July 23rd, in the last week over 5,000 cases, they have 84 percent of their cases are fully vaccinated, so it's clear we can't vaccinate our way out of this.

INGRAHAM: So, in other words, the therapeutics that you and I have discussed time and again, we have Ivermectin being used all over the world with some pretty good results. Obviously hydroxychloroquine with pretty good results. Dr. Smith's data on that is stunning. Vitamin D, being in better shape, early intervention. If you get COVID, if you're decently -- in decent health, you should be okay with it, overwhelmingly.