Laura Ingraham guest, Dr. Ramin Oskui: “Social distancing doesn't work, quarantining doesn't work, masks don't work”

Dr. Oskoui: “This is really settled science”

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Citation From the November 17, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle 

DR. RAMIN OSKOUI (GUEST): Well, you know, the whole idea of lockdowns obviously was to suppress viral spread, but it's come at a huge social and economic cost, and what we have to understand from that Icahn School of Medicine study that you showed, beautifully done, and with very thorough testing is that social distancing doesn't work, quarantining doesn't work, masks don't work. 

This is really settled science, and those in the media, and those in the public, who want to cling to those illusions, they're fooling themselves. And they're hurting society.