Laura Ingraham guest calls Michael Cohen guilty plea a “nothingburger”  

From the November 29 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle:

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SOL WEISENBERG (FORMER DEPUTY INDEPENDENT COUNSEL): If you actually look, Laura, at the plea agreement and at the criminal information, there is absolutely nothing that implicates President Trump in a crime. There's absolutely nothing in there that says where Michael Cohen says President Trump talked with me about the lie I was going to tell to Congress. We conspired, we talked about it. There is nothing whatsoever. So if we really confine ourselves to the actual law and not a bunch of babble that you hear all day on television, let's just look at the actual documents. It doesn't implicate President Trump in any way which brings up the question of why he was so angry if he had been told about this and why he came out and said Cohen is nothing but a liar. He's lying. All Cohen said is that I lied to Congress. He didn't say President Trump helped me lie. So, there could be all kinds of things that Mueller is keeping quiet from us that we don't know about, that Cohen has told him. That's possible. But that's the realm of speculation. Let's talk about reality, and reality is this is a nothingburger.


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