Laura Ingraham guest: “African-Americans have been here since 1619, … and yet we haven’t fully assimilated African-American citizens”

Pat Buchanan: “There's no doubt there's a greater difficulty in assimilating people from different civilizations, and cultures, and ethnicities and races”

Fromt he March 28 edition of PodcastOne's The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): We give 1.3 million green cards, which I think is way too many, every year in the United States. Most Americans polled say -- think it's either -- keep it the same, or lower the number.

PAT BUCHANAN: Well, the point is, in these -- 90 percent of these are folks coming from what you might call the second or the third world. And people are, you know, people are fundamentally, basically good, but there's no doubt there's a greater difficulty in assimilating people from different civilizations and cultures and ethnicities and races in the United State, than there -- than other folks.

And we know this is true, African-Americans have been here since 1619. They've helped build and create the nation. They're part of its culture and history, and yet we haven't fully assimilated African-American citizens.

At the same time, we're bringing in millions and millions of people. We're conducting an experiment, which, you know, it -- to me, I'm a pessimist. I just -- it's not working, it seems to me.

But Ms. Harris, what is she saying, I mean -- she's -- virtually, in the first part of it, the comment she made, she's calling for open borders. That's the end of countries. I mean, the world, the United States becomes a giant Mall of America.

INGRAHAM: [LAUGHS] Well, here's what we know for sure. We know that at this clip, America as we know her today will be completely transformed, which is, I think, their goal.

BUCHANAN: The Republican Party will be finished.

INGRAHAM: Yeah, the Republican Party will be done. So, most of Central America will have moved to the United States, and Mexico, people will just come and go, but -- although, it's easier to deport people to Mexico.

But once you have that critical mass in the country, and with this birthright citizenship thing, which also Trump said he was going to deal with, then you -- then you're off to the races. And I don't think that that -- and when I say “races,” I mean, like, running races or horse races.

I don't see how that is going to end up with more freedom, more peace, and more prosperity, and more -- I don't. That's what I'm concerned about. Forget the English language.


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