Laura Ingraham is Fox News' biggest COVID-19 misinformer. The network is promoting her show as a reliable source for data analysis.

A new study from Media Matters shows that Laura Ingraham is currently Fox News’ biggest coronavirus misinformer, based on analysis of the network’s programming between July 6 and July 10. Her show The Ingraham Angle was responsible for a quarter of all COVID-19 misinformation, spreading unreliable claims 63 times, over the course of five days.

But Fox is still promoting Ingraham’s show as a reliable source for its audience to understand the coronavirus data. On July 15, Fox News ran a promotion during the 7 p.m. hour telling the viewers to watch The Ingraham Angle to see “COVID-19 numbers explained,” “how positive cases are really being counted,” and “why the data might be different than you think.”

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Citation During the July 15, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum

Coronavirus misinformation on Fox News has deadly consequences for its audience, and studies show it may have helped to worsen the spread of the pandemic. Advertisers on The Ingraham Angle are putting people, not to mention their own brands, at risk by paying for it.