Laura Ingraham exploits the murder of a young Muslim woman to argue American Muslims “should be with Trump”

Ingraham also called reports that Muslim women fear for their lives in public “fake news”

From the June 22 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): We have a dead young girl in Sterling, Virginia. It was not a hate crime focused on Islam. It was an illegal immigrant who wanted to cause trouble. And he did. He beat her senseless until she died. 


In [The Washington Post] piece, it continues, and it talks about how people are afraid of wearing their hijabs. “I called my sister. I said be careful when you wear the hjab.” You see how the media -- this is fake news! It had nothing to do with the hijab.


OK, I have an idea, turn this tragedy into working with us on illegal immigration. The Muslims who are afraid of this type of horrific behavior should be with us on illegal immigration, stopping it. They should be with Trump. They don't want this illegal immigration in the United States, and I frankly -- allowing all the DREAMers to say in the way that they're staying, I'm not convinced that's the right idea. If you're illegally in the United States, why do you have the right to remain here? I do not understand that. And we have a young woman who is dead. Back to what Trump said originally in his first speech that he ever gave when he announced he was running. Doesn't mean all illegal immigrants are criminals, no it does not. But we have a dead American woman and then we have media organizations who are playing this up as a hate crime.There is no indication that I have seen thus far that this is a hate crime. This is an illegal immigrant who got into some altercation on the road with one of her pals. They ran off, leaving her behind. She ends up dead.


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