Laura Ingraham excuses Trump's disastrous press conference: Foreign policy is “complex,” and Trump is “new to it”

From the July 16 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle:

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IAN BREMMER: I'm just saying that if Trump is trying to build an alliance, vis a vis China, which I think we all believe is the most important strategic thing to do, he has not gone about that very effectively. Look, it's -- foreign policy is not his bag.

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): It's complex.

BREMMER: It's not easy.

INGRAHAM: Well, he's new to it. I mean, we're going to -- In a few moments we're going to hear about some of the major foreign policy blunders by presidents when a lot more was at stake, even at this -- but he's a year and a half into this. A year and a half into this, you know.


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