Laura Ingraham Endorses The Idea Of Moderating A GOP Debate With Fellow Right-Wing Radio Hosts

Ingraham: “How Many Of You Would Like To See That Debate ... I'd Be Fair To All the Candidates”

From the November 2 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Our friends over at the, was it, Craig Shirley wrote that piece in Breitbart over the weekend. Or Breitbart wrote a piece on a press release that the Reagan PAC did -- the old Reagan PAC, CFTR [Citizens For The Republic]. And they are urging the RNC to have people like Hannity, Levin, yours truly, and Rush host a debate. How many of you would like to see that debate? Well, I can tell you, the Bushes would say no because I've been too mean to Jeb. I mean, I'd be fair to everybody, right? I mean, I would be fair to all the candidates, but it would be questions on substance. OK, if interest rates go up in a 24-month period by 1.2 percent, what would that do to the economy? That's the kind of question I would ask. OK, if China cheats on WTO in a substantial way, what are the penalties now and what should they be, and how would you enforce them, and if they're not enforced would you consider pulling out of the World Trade Organization. That's another question. Another question, on what issue do you disagree with the Chamber of Commerce? Another question, I'd ask a question to Ben Carson: Mr. Carson, you've had great successes as a physician and a surgeon. Tell us about how your health care plan would bring costs down and make the entire provision of healthcare services more competitive, meaning, obviously, overall costs for services would come down. Explain that. Why do you disagree with Ted Cruz's plan for health care reform. I mean, I'd ask real questions. There was not one question asked at the CNBC debate about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, not one. It's a trade deal that will affect every living American, and not one question on it. Not one. You can't even make it up how stupid it is. So, we'd do really good debates with really good questions. I mean, I'm speaking for everyone. I don't have any right to speak for anyone. But I know those guys, and they would do a good job. I wouldn't care if I was questioning at all. I just want good people.


But you know why it will never happen? The establishment never wants to relinquish power over the process. No way. They do not want to relinquish power over the process because then all hell could really break loose, meaning people would really see what was going on in these campaigns.  


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