Laura Ingraham: Democrats support “replacing the current American population” with “new immigrants”

Ingraham: “They want Spanish to be at least on par with English as a national language”

From the June 18 edition of PodcastOne's The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Donald Trump has smoked out the Democrats. No longer can they claim to be for border enforcement, or “Oh yeah, we're for enforcing the border, oh yeah, we're for -- we're for keeping the country safe. And oh yeah, we're not for illegal immigration, we're for legal immigration” -- that's what they used to say. That's what the Obama folks and the Clinton folks used to say, but no longer.

They are now exposed as a completely open borders-oriented party. They value the benefits that illegal immigrants will get over the value of a sovereign and independent and free nation, that is well within its sovereign right to enforce her borders.

So, they value those illegal immigrants more than, frankly, they value your opinion. No American wants open borders, they don't want open borders. Recent immigrants don't want open borders, but that is essentially what we have now, because we refuse to enforce these laws.

So now, Trump can make a very credible argument that his presidency has demonstrated the truth of the scenario vis-a--vis Democrats and immigration. There is no distinction between legal and illegal.


And now the -- you know, the curtain is pulled back, fully, and I think that's of value. That's something that is -- is a value. So now, they can't hide behind these old, you know, bumper sticker slogans, of “We're for legal immigration.”

No, you're for replacing the current American population, or swamping the current American population, with a new population of people who are perhaps more hospitable to socialist ideals.

Perhaps they are more hospitable to big government, perhaps they want more across the board social spending, they want to -- they want Spanish to be at least on par with English as a national language. I mean, pick your issue, but that's what they're hoping for.

They can't risk -- they can't risk a situation where a guy like Trump keeps getting elected. I mean, they tried to knock him out with the stupid Russia investigation, and that backfired, but they -- they can't risk that again.

So, they have to have a new electorate -- and the new electorate, they think will be new immigrants who are just -- they're not in tune, at least in this current -- going through this current public schools situation that we have, they're not in tune with the American founding, or even taught to love the American founding.


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