Laura Ingraham Defends Trump Against Bipartisan Criticism Of His Proposal To Ban Muslim Immigration

Ingraham Suggests Politicians Are Condemning Trump's Plan “To Shift The Debate Away From Their Own Cataclysmic Failures”

From the December 9 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: You had the elites in the media, one after the other, Ruth Marcus -- I mean, god bless her, but Ruth Marcus from The Washington Post, she comes out this morning on Morning Joe, and you might as well have thought that Trump had raised the Nazi flag, the swastika, had taken down the American flag and the Nazi flag was right behind him.


“He is a recruiting tool for the Islamic State.” “He is making us less safe.” A recruiting tool for the Islamic State? Wow, you know last time I checked, I thought the Islamic State wanted to get people into the country. Last time I checked, Mike McCaul, the head of the Homeland Security Department said that ISIS was using the refugee program to get people planted in the country, who are going to wreak havoc, carnage, killing innocents, more San Bernardinos. And Donald Trump's the problem? Has Ruth Marcus written a lot about the failures of this administration, the ineptitude of the establishment?


Our foreign policy is what they say the recruiting tool is. So excuse me if I'm not wowed by Ruth Marcus and Lindsey Graham, and the entire elite establishment in the Republican and Democratic ranks, who are trying to shift the debate away from their own cataclysmic failures, their economic failures, their foreign policy failures, their national security slip-ups, their intelligence gaffes and huge errors in intelligence. And Donald Trump's the problem? You know something, I'm a person -- I don't care about the personalities really, whether it's Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, or someone who comes along, making the case for populism, it doesn't matter to me. I've always stood on the issues. America needs renewal, America needs a leader who sees his job or her job solely as making the lives of the average Americans better. 


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