Laura Ingraham criticizes businesses for saying they will require proof customers and workers have received the coronavirus vaccine

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Citation From the November 12, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): They don't want people moving around the world. But he says this is not about tracking. Again, this is just for health security. It's all for your own good. Calling them certificates or immunity passports, it -- it kind of makes them all sound reassuring, like a security blanket. But they may be a lot closer to becoming reality than you think. In early October, The Daily Mail reported that London Heathrow Airport is testing quote "digital health passports -- passes which can hold a certified COVID-19 test status or show that someone has been vaccinated in the future."

And in this brave new world, you may not be able to -- let's say -- do much of anything, without proof of vaccination. Think about it. If you love -- let's, for instance, I don't know -- watching live music. I do. Well, "Ticketmaster has been working on a framework for post-pandemic fan safety that uses smartphones to verify fans' vaccination status or whether they've been tested negative for the coronavirus within a 24 to 72 hour window."

Now again, just like Gates, all the reassurance comes, Ticketmaster says, they're not going to make vaccines mandatory. But then why do it at all? The New York State Bar Association is also considering a campaign to lobby to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory. They'll decide on Saturday if they really want to push for this. It's obvious, though, isn't it? There's going to be growing pressure across all of corporate America to force proof of vaccination status, for movement, for everything. Just like no masks, no entry, no vaccination, no entry. No job, no school, no travel, no nothing.