Laura Ingraham Credits Donald Trump During English-Only Diatribe

Ingraham: The Middle Class Is Frustrated “Everybody Has To Bow Down To The New Immigrant Class” That Speaks Spanish

From the February 10 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: No one's speaking English at all in Miami anymore. It's all Spanish. And I love the Spanish language, you all know that, and I speak some pretty good Spanish. But this is a microcosm of what annoys so many native born folks in this country, that when you come here, you come here legally, great. Love to have you, part of the American experience. But you've got to speak the language. Trump talks about that. This is an English speaking country. Kids in public schools should not be taught in dual languages, which is what's happening. This driver of mine, Adrian, told me that the public schools, they teach in Spanish.


INGRAHAM: I had the [driver] this morning, who was a nice kid. But I would say things like this: “How old is your sister?” That's a pretty simple question, right? And he would say in Spanish, you know, “Cómo? Cómo?” Like what? “Mean, uh, niña?” I said, “No, no, no. Yes, no. Not your child, your sis --” I mean, it was just amazing. But I think people are all tired of that. They're tired of the “I'm coming to your country to change your culture and your language” mentality. And to take your jobs. I'm not saying the Cubans are the same as the Guatemalans or the Hondurans or the Mexicans. But I do think it's a frustration that the middle class has with this idea that everybody gets a -- everybody has to bow down to the new immigrant class. And no, no, no. We welcome you if you come here legally, but this is our culture, and this country is an English speaking country. I think people are tired of it. I'm tired of it, and so it ticks me off.


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