Laura Ingraham compares baking cakes for same-sex couples to baking cakes for white supremacists

Guest Ian Millhiser correctly points out white supremacists are not a protected class

From the December 4 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Ian, does a -- for instance, a gay baker have to make a cake for a white supremacist organization? They have a right as a white supremacist organization to exist, to gather together, to have meetings, they just don't have a right to be violent.


INGRAHAM: Would that be fair? To have a gay baker be forced to make a cake for that?

MILLHISER: Yeah, there's no law that says that white supremacists are what’s called a protected class. So you have a bunch of civil rights laws that say you can't engage in certain kinds of discrimination, you can’t discriminate on the basis of race, you can’t discriminate on the basis of religion, you can’t discriminate on the basis of gender, in many states you can’t discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. There's no law saying that you can't discriminate against someone because they are racist. I think that that question is a bit of a red herring

INGRAHAM: My point is you have a First Amendment right as reprehensible as that is and you have the right to exercise it in any way you see fit. And if they want to have hors d'oeuvres or biscuits or cupcakes made, and they want to go to an establishment just to force the case or force the issue, you will recognize our right to speak out or to have a rally even if you find it again, underlying conduct reprehensible? You don't support it. I mean, it's a First Amendment right. That's a fairly absolute right in our constitution, is it not?

MILLHISER: You have a right if you want to be a bigot. You have a right to join a white supremacist group. But what you don't have is a law protecting you as a white supremacist.

INGRAHAM: No, you have the constitution protecting you, some people would say unfortunately given what's happened in Charlottesville. But you have a Constitution protecting you.


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