Laura Ingraham Calls Rubio Supporter Paul Singer A “Rabid Open Borders ... Republican”

From the November 10 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: [Marco Rubio] was on with Sean Hannity last night ...  And interesting conversation about illegal immigration. The problem, however, is that Marco Rubio is the recipient of a lot of money from Paul Singer. Paul Singer is a rabid open borders, liberal on social issues, Republican. Okay? And Paul Singer wants a free flow of goods and services across this border. It's in Paul Singer's interest to get this whole thing going. Speed it up, speed this whole process up. That sounded good, but in the end the American people are being reasonable and have been reasonable all along as they see their own livelihoods flatlining, their own opportunities shrinking as people like Marco Rubio decided to go sit down with Chuck Schumer and make it easier for companies to bring in foreign workers. I mean I think it's like with Romney and Romneycare. Marco has to -- I think he has to give a speech and he has to go through, chapter and verse, why his effort was wrong, and be very specific. Not just the generalities, we're going to enforce the border, we're going to -- no, no. Specifically why that bill was problematic and say I will never do anything like that again. It's in writing and Paul Singer, if you're watching, guess what? Thanks for the money but I'm focusing on the American people. Okay maybe if we heard that. I mean I'm just trying to throw anything out. 


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