Laura Ingraham calls Infowars social media ban “coordinated” censorship of one of the “sources we as individuals trust and like”

From the August 7 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Over the past few months, Facebook and other tech giants have given us ample reasons to doubt that proclamation. The latest example started early yesterday morning when Apple pulled several podcasts associated with the controversial and often incendiary Alex Jones from the iTunes store. Facebook followed suit unpublishing four of Jones' pages, claiming the videos on those pages violated that hate speech policy. Hours later, YouTube decided it wasn't going to miss out on all that censorship fun and YouTube suspended the Alex Jones channel with it's 2.4 million subscribers. Well it's easy to dismiss concerns about big tech's actions, all coordinated it seems, to shut down Jones because of course he's the media's poster child for conspiracy theories. But this isn't about Alex Jones. This is about freedom and our access to information from the sources we as individuals trust and like.


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