Laura Ingraham calls immigration the “purposeful sabotage of America”

Ingraham: “Every migrant who crosses will take resources from Americans in need”

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Citation From the May 18, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle 

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): But the sheer number of illegals crossing the border, that hit another high. DHS says now that over 234,000 were encountered at the southern border in April alone. That, my friends, is the highest number ever recorded in the agency's history.

Now, these numbers are -- they're incomprehensible. The equivalent of medium-sized towns and cities now crossing nearly every month into the United States. And by the way, some were sent back, but nearly 118,000 were released just last month into the interior part of the United States. 

This is purposeful sabotage of America, the country we love, where you have to think about legal immigrants who've come here, who've worked so hard to come here and do it the right way, thinking to themselves, "Why did I bother doing it the right way? They're just walking right across." And every migrant who crosses will take resources from Americans in need.

Have you been to your local train station lately? I have. Do you have tent cities out there, like we do in our nation's capital? Homelessness, drug addiction, it's exploding across America. So why aren't we taking care of our own?