Laura Ingraham Blasts The Bipartisan Budget Deal As A “Sellout”

Ingraham: “The Big Republican Sellout Of Conservative Principles Begins”

From the October 27 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Anytime I hear, 'deal struck behind closed doors, still secret, bipartisan support,' I reach for my pocketbook. My mother used to call it a pocketbook, 'reach for your pocketbook', do they still call it those, or is it all purses? Welcome to the Republican crackup my friends. 855-40LAURA. The big Republican sellout of conservative principles begins. And these are the same people by the way who argue that people like Trump and Carson aren't real conservatives.


Apparently when [Boehner] cleared the bar, he cleared the constitutional prerogative of Congress to be a check on spending on the executive. So now we've abdicated our congressional responsibility in the following ways. Number one, we decided that we are not going to challenge the president's executive overreach on immigration. Right? We've decided we're just not going to do anything about that. Let the courts handle it. We've decided that we were going to give Obama the executive branch, essentially unbridled authority to cut deals through the USTR, the U.S.Trade Representative, in these international bodies, unaccountable to the people. Present them to the people for no amendments, but merely an up or down vote, which Paul Ryan basically just completely prevaricated on when he said that Congress has all this authority. So we gave up our authority on trade, gave up our authority on immigration, and now, in order to make it easier for the establishment in 2016, as [John] Boehner was heading out the door, easier for Paul Ryan, because now Paul Ryan -- hey, don't look at me. Hands clean, don't look at me. I didn't even -- I didn't know anything about this. Make it easier for him, and make it easier for the big spending Republicans to move forward.

Now they will say, in this deal, they will say, well, we got something out of it. Again, still secret. The terms have not been released. But Republicans, I love this Politico report, “Republicans familiar with the agreement are calling it a big win for the party.” These are the same Republicans who said Trans-Paific Partnership was going to be great for American workers, and the WTO, and the Gang of Eight bill, this was all going to be great for Republicans. All of it was going to be phenomenal. They say it's going to be great because they say for $80 billion dollars in additional spending, $80 billion dollars locked down for two years this is what they claim they got -- ready for this? Tweaks, tweaks to Social Security Disability Insurance, they claim, will in the future yield $168 billion dollars in long term savings. Which supporters of the proposal -- again, these are all Boehner's people talking to Politico, all of Boehner's outgoing staffers, and you know who you are -- supporters of the proposal say it would represent the most significant revision to the program in decades.

OK, let me tell you what could very well happen with this, and again, we'll wait until all of this is released. Let's say, because the Republicans compromised themselves in every way imaginable over the last 10 months, since the phenomenal victories in the 2014 election cycle, they came in in January, they acted like they were the minority party, cutting deals with Obama on keeping spending going through September, remember? They decided to take the spending weapon off the table, the budget weapon. They were going to simply fund the government through October. They then spent the next several months pushing through Trade Promotion Authority, wasting all of this time, on that stupid situation, courtesy of Paul Ryan, thank you very much. Okay, so now when people are so angry in the Republican electorate -- they're so furious, we didn't do anything with Obamacare, we did no tax reform, we gave Obama Obamatrade, we didn't stop executive amnesty, we did nothing to curtail his out of control executive authority, nothing. Then they cut this deal. As Boehner's on his way out, right? So, the people are enraged about this.


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