Laura Ingraham Bemoans Multilingualism In U.S. Schools For Making “You Think You're In A Foreign Country”

Ingraham: “People Speaking Broken Language Who Work At Various Retail Establishments ... They Can't Understand You, And You Can't Understand Them. Sometimes You Think You're In A Foreign Country.”

From the October 26 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: All these other people, they have to deal with the illegal immigrants in their school systems, they have the hosptial bills going up, infrastructure. All of the resources that are being drained. Oh, now dual immersion classes in Spanish -- so your kid, oh dual immersion, you have to learn in Spanish.


Most research indicates that it takes students at least four years to become fluent in academic English. In other words, people can speak broken English but to succeed in school you have to speak English.


Once students are reclassified as former English language learners, they no longer receive specific aid, special programs to support their English language development. The money this all costs is staggering. And, hence, I think that a lot of people are noticing this, have noticed it. People speaking broken language who work at various retail establishments. Language is terrible. They can't understand you, and you can't understand them. Sometimes you think you're in a foreign country.


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