Laura Ingraham Attacks Univision's Jorge Ramos For Opposing A Border Wall

Ingraham: Ramos Says "'It's Not American Values To Build Walls' ... Jorge Ramos Is Lecturing Us About American Values"

From the March 24 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Oh my gosh, just sitting in the chair waiting to go on Hannity last night, I started googling undocumented immigrant, crime, murder, rape, domestic assault, rape of a 14 year old girl, a murder of a senior citizen woman. These crimes are unspeakably horrific. But, hey, to listen to Jorge Ramos with Hannity last night, who was on before me. He's the big star over at Univision, Univisión [mocks Spanish accent], excuse me, Univisión. He's the big star over there. He doesn't want to admit there's any problem with illegal immigrants.


JORGE RAMOS: The vast majority of immigrants in this country are not criminals, are not rapists, and he knows that.

SEAN HANNITY: He didn't say all -- Jorge -- wait a minute. What you're saying --

RAMOS: Immigrants are less likely to be criminals in this country, and that's a fact. The number of immigrants in this country has absolutely nothing to do with the number of crimes happening in the United States.

HANNITY: Jorge, I've been down to the Mexican border. Excuse me.


INGRAHAM: Excuse me. Hannity could not get this man to answer questions, but he's a typical leftist. He's a typical leftist, Ramos. He will talk over the question. So the question was very simple, that Hannity kept asking. Do you acknowledge that there is illegal immigrant crime in the United States and some of these crimes are horrific? Kept asking him. It took to the very end of the segment, very end -- this segment went on and on -- took to the very end of this segment to get any type of answer out of Ramos. It was just unbelievable. And at the very end he finally, “well yes, there are some crimes, but it's not American values to build walls and to talk in these terms. It's not American values.” Jorge Ramos is lecturing us about American values. He's an American citizen now.


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