Laura Ingraham attacks undocumented immigrants for not showing “any sense of gratitude”

Ingraham: “The word 'assimilation' is itself a dirty word now”

From the January 29 edition of PodcastOne's The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Art, it doesn't surprise me that Kamala Harris stands there last night, and does her town hall, and she kind of patronizes this young DACA recipient, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which happened during the Obama years, meaning that he, via executive order, established this ability for people in the country illegally to not only remain here, but work here, giving them this temporary status and the eligibility for employment. And, well, look, they -- they're not only demanding to stay, they're demanding that relatives be able to stay as well, right now parents, but you know that will extend to grandparents, other brothers, sisters, you got to reunify people in other countries, bring them here, et cetera, et cetera.


INGRAHAM: Look, there's not any sense of gratitude that I hear from individuals who are here illegally. There's not a -- like, where's the gratitude? I mean, you don't get away with this in other countries, where you just say “We'll just stay indefinitely and get all these benefits.” You're not -- that just doesn't happen, for the most part.


ANDREW “ART” ARTHUR: We're literally creating an entire, you know, subculture in our society, of individuals who lack gratitude, who have an expectation that they're going to be allowed to come to the United States, and quite frankly, you know, probably don't intend to live here permanently, don't intend to assimilate --

INGRAHAM: I think -- I disagree, I think you're wrong about that. I think there are a lot of people who are intending to live here permanently, and we're going to get into this later on in the show, but they have no intention of assimilating. And in fact, assimilation itself is being called racist, as we found out with what they did with Tom Brokaw.


The word “assimilation” is itself a dirty word now, because that -- that portends that our country is any better than any other country, and we know that most of these activists types -- not all the DACA people, the Dreamers -- but the activist types, they think we are a racist country and that we're living on stolen land, period.


ARTHUR: If you don't adhere to the rule of law, quite frankly, if you entered the United States illegally, the first thing that you've done is break the law, then you're never really going to completely assimilate. And if you don't assimilate, you're just going to create a fractured society --

INGRAHAM: We're there.

ARTHUR: We're gonna become the former Yugoslavia --

INGRAHAM: Yeah, we're there.


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