Laura Ingraham attacks her Fox colleague Chris Wallace for saying AG Barr spun Mueller report

From the May 1 edition of PodcastOne's The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): They're bitter. They're bitter. Raymond, they couldn't find collusion, that they had invested two years into convincing the public, defaming Trump -- as someone who's defamed on a regular basis, by lowlifes, okay -- as someone who's defamed on a regular basis, it's not fun, but, like, tell me something, you know, that I don't already know about you, for doing it.

So, this is what they did. Two years of defaming Trump, Russia collusion, that blows up, nothing there, so now, they've moved on to Barr-Trump collusion, that Barr is colluding with Trump. To what, distort a report's meaning that he was about to release anyway?

Someone on my own network, on our own network, Raymond, Fox, said this -- I'm watching this, going, I guess it was Chris Wallace, made a statement to that effect, that Barr was spinning the report -- okay? I don't understand that. How would a former attorney general, new attorney general, someone with all of his experience say, “Okay, I'm going to sabotage my own credibility by distorting the meaning of a report that we're going to release in the next 10 days, or two weeks” -- I mean, it's just ridiculous, but this is all the Democrats have. Raymond is 100 percent right, they are addicted to Mueller-Trump-Russia.

RAYMOND ARROYO: Oh, this is political theater.

INGRAHAM: Addicted --

ARROYO: And the fact that the networks --

INGRAHAM: Oh, they're pathetic. Pathetic --

ARROYO: They ran over programming, they --

INGRAHAM: Pathetic --

ARROYO: They are preempting regular programming for this.

INGRAHAM: Well, this is easier than producing, I guess, other types of TV.


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