Laura Ingraham attacks Aretha Franklin's “gratuitous” and “political” funeral

From the August 31 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): We had kind of dueling funerals today. It was something on television today. You had the John McCain funeral and then you had the -- or memorial service, lying in state at the Capitol. Then you had the Aretha Franklin funeral in Detroit.

RAYMOND ARROYO: Two great Americans, a musical legend, a statesman, both being honored but both these events in some ways, particular Aretha Franklin's funeral turned very political.


INGRAHAM: This was so gratuitous. Aretha Franklin, one of the great American voices of all time, didn't she get an award from George W. Bush? I guess she was a Democrat. She didn't seem like an overtly political person, maybe I'm missing that.


Some mean person on Facebook, someone sent me this, said something like, “Aretha Franklin's funeral, memorial service was so great that it's been picked up for ten episodes on Netflix.” I almost fell over. But, okay, I guess it went on, it was on for four or five hours. But, my goodness, it was star-studded and it did get political. 


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