Laura Ingraham asks if the cast of Hamilton is guilty of cultural appropriation for playing white people

Ingraham: “Is that not that culturally appropriating the other race? Like if it's, if it's just about cultural appropriation does it only go one way?”

From the February 7 edition of PodcastOne's The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Oh my god, we have gotten into knock-down, drag-outs on that show The View over the years. You were there I think for one of them. Huge fights. I will say to my last breath that Joy Behar in, as represented in a Halloween costume, a costume about an African woman is not a racist. OK? She's not a racist. And to say that she is now or two-and-a-half years ago because she dressed -- is absurd. We can't have any -- now we can't even celebrate someone in costume. We can't celebrate someone. 

ARROYO: One of my favorite Shakespeare films, and it's very, its kind of crude by today's standards but in the 60s, Lawrence Olivier recorded opposite Maggie Smith Othello and he plays Othello and he's completely in blackface. He does it from head to toe in black grease paint. Now is that a racist depiction? 

INGRAHAM: They wouldn't be able to do that today. They would say you would have to have an African American doing it. But what about when they did Hamilton and when they made white people Nlack people? 

ARROYO: Right, or exactly. George Washington as a black man. 

INGRAHAM: Is that not that culturally appropriating the other race? Like if its, if its just about cultural appropriation, does it only go one way? That's interesting. I didn't think about that Hamilton thing until just now. I love Hamilton. See I think it's fine, I think it's all cool. Switch it up. I think that art and theater--

ARROYO: I don't like the idea that only an actor who is that race, that creed, that lifestyle can portray that character. That's absurd. That we don't need theater, we don't need film, we don't need imagination if you can't play act anymore. I mean, Olivier is unbelievable as Othello.


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