Laura Ingraham and guest lash out at people speaking Spanish; claim immigrants are leaving trash everywhere because they “are not diverse”

Ingraham: “I get enraged” when I hear people speak Spanish, see Mexican flags and see trash in the gutter

From the May 21 edition of PodcastOne's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: It's a general rule that almost everything we hear about illegal immigration, unfortunately, is not accurate -- about the numbers, about the circumstances under which people come, as quote, unquote “refugees,” about the degree of criminality that occurs among illegal immigrants.

It's just not true, and it's considered a noble lie, that -- what does it matter? The real truth is that we're going to let, you know, deserving people in the United States. That's the narrative.

And I live it every day, Laura. When I go out -- I'm told that illegal immigrants do not throw trash, they would never do that, yet I pick up mounds of trash out in front of my farm. I have the addresses of the people, they put their power bills in, I know exactly where they live, the sheriff doesn't do anything. I have six dogs right now that were dumped on my property, so that's not -- it's not a big thing, but that's what happens when you have large numbers of unassimilated immigrants who came in illegally in large numbers, that are not diverse.

It would really work if we had people coming from Korea or Africa or Europe, all coming legally, all measured numbers, all mixed up, and they would assimilate. But that's not what's happening. We're getting huge groups of one language, one culture --

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): One village --

HANSON: -- coming across the border illegally. The first thing they do is break the law, the second thing they do is reside illegally and break the law, so -- and they know it, and so, their attitude is, “If I break the law in coming, and I break another law in residing, why do I have to follow any other law?” And they -- they feel that sense of exemption.


HANSON: I know that when I'm here, and I'm not a very emotional guy, but when I go in town, and I go to my cleaner, and everybody's speaking Spanish --

INGRAHAM: Oh my gosh --

HANSON: And the cars in the parking lot all have Mexican flags on --

INGRAHAM: Oh, yeah.

HANSON: And people walk out of the cleaners', and they throw their McDonald's sack right in the gutter, it gets me really angry.

INGRAHAM: Oh no, I get enraged.


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