Laura Ingraham airs a war cry sound effect while complaining that Trump didn't use an ethnic slur

From the November 28 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): [Was that a] turkey sound or an Indian sound we just played? [Mocking Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)] Well it’s just so unfortunate that Donald Trump can’t get through a code talkers ceremony without issuing a racial slur, and frankly, my grandpappy could have helped decode all of that lingo back then during Iwo Jima and all those other, whatever they were, battles in World War II. And my goodness, I mean, could those men have really stepped up, just smacked Donald Trump in the face, the creep that he is. I’m just at a loss for words, so I’m just going to tap out the code myself. Elizabeth Warren here, just call me Chief Princess of Running Mouth. [End mocking]

855-40-LAURA. How are you guys, how you doing? Donald Trump -- that was an interesting ceremony, I thought. First of all I didn't even know there were code talkers still alive. That was amazing. And a couple of those gentlemen, who are American heroes by the way, Raymond will tell us the history of this in case you missed -- actually, they went through the whole history in the ceremony, which was really inter -- that in of itself was interesting, but the story of the code talkers is getting lost in the fracas involving President Trump not being able to resist taking a shot at Fauxcahontas. See, he should have said Fauxahontas. That’s my one quibble with him yesterday. He said Poca -- Fauxcahontas, because of course, Elizabeth Warren faked her Indian lineage to get a position -- wasn’t it at Harvard? She checked a box that she shouldn’t have checked back then. So the media went absolutely bonkers yesterday after this.


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