Ingraham Suggests Story About Flynn’s Conversation With Russian Ambassador Was A "Setup” By “Neo-Conservatives”

Laura Ingraham: “I Don't Trust This Story ... To Me, This All Seems Too Convenient” 

From the February 14 edition of Courtside Entertainment Groups' The Laura Ingraham Show

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): I don't trust this story about the call and the transcript that no one's seen. To me, this all seems too convenient. Oh, the word setup comes to mind? Neo-conservatives want their guy in that National Security Council. They want their guy. They never liked Flynn. Flynn is much more aligned with Trump on foreign policy than he is with the Weekly Standard crowd. So, when a good person is taken down in the Washingtonian fashion as Flynn was, at least my spidey antennae are up. I don't know all the facts or what exactly was said, but my spidey antennae is up. Why does an incoming national security adviser not have the right to be on the phone with his counterparts in other countries? Do you not have that right? 


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