Ingraham Stokes Anti-Muslim Fears By Citing Same Misleading Poll Trump Used To Propose A Muslim Ban

Laura Ingraham: “If You Are Islamic, You Have A 5,000 Percent Greater Chance Of Being Connected With Some Type Of Jihadi Group In The United States Than If You're Not”

Laura Ingraham falsely claimed that Muslims “have a 5,000 percent greater chance of being connected with some type of jihadi group” than others in the U.S., relying on faulty statistics from the same poll released by the discredited, anti-Muslim organization that Donald Trump used to propose a ban on Muslim entry into the U.S.. Ingraham cited the anti-immigrant group, Center for Immigration Studies' Mark Krikorian, who used the same discredited Center for Security Policy (CSP) poll as Trump. Major media figures have roundly condemned Trump for using data from CSP, whose founder, they note, is an “anti-Muslim extremist” and “notorious Islamophobe.”

From the December 10 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

LAURA INGRAHAM: Immigration, mass immigration, mass legal immigration, favoring Muslims in many cases in the visa lottery system, which Mark Krikorian has documented. 50,000 visas a year. Disproportionate percentage of those visa lottery recipients are Muslim. Why? Why? They're one percent of the American population. Why do they get favor, favorable treatment in the visa lottery? Doesn't this seem odd to you? What's the reason for that? And how has it worked out for us? So it'd be one thing if all worked out well for us, if all these -- oh, it just worked out well. We'd have more national harmony, more patriotism, but sadly, as he, again, documented by the numbers, if you are Islamic, you have a 5,000 percent greater chance of being connected with some type of Jihadi group in the United States than if you're not. Okay, that's just crunching the numbers.