Ingraham: “Northern Virginia Is A Problem” Because They Have New Mosques, “Illegal Immigrant[s],” And Refugees

Laura Ingraham Calls Immigrant Population Of Northern Virginia “Rabid Fanatics”

From the December 3 edition of Courtside Entertainment Groups' The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Your reaction, to [Sen.] Tim Kaine [(D-VA)]? People call him a moderate Democrat, you know. Tim Kaine. Its evil. All y'all people in Virginia got a lot of guns in Virginia. A lot of gun owners in Virginia. Lots of them. Is that your senator? Really, that's the guy you elected? Northern Virginia is a problem. What's Northern Virginia? All immigrant population have come and moved into Northern Virginia. We have mosques going up. We have a mass influx of illegal immigrants in Virginia.  We have mass resettlement of Central America and Mexico in northern Virginia. Arlington middle class communities now, majority dominant communities, illegal immigrant population. We have Sterling, Virginia mosques, we have Fredericksburg, Virginia mosques going up. The northern Virginia problem for the GOP and for politics in Virginia is obvious. And these are rabid fanatics. Tim Kaine, Tim Kaine comes across as a fanatic anti-Second Amendment person in those comments. He's a fanatic.  They say we're fanatics? You guys are okay with suffering in the United States by American people to show the world that you're mature. You're going to bring in more refugees, we don't know their background, we're going to bring the refugees in because the U.N. says they're okay. You must take the refugees. Really, we must take them? Y'all are fanatics.


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