Ingraham: The Left Focuses On Consent On College Campuses Because Other Constructs Like Patriarchy Didn't “Catch On”

Laura Ingraham Laments That Discussing Sexual Consent Policies “Is What They Spend Their Time Doing At Our American Colleges And Universities Today”

From the January 12 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Hillary Clinton grew up as a -- she was a middle class, upper middle class gal. She wasn't, like, poor or anything. And she was very privileged, obviously, she went to Yale University, very very privileged. Law school, you couldn't -- you can't say it's anymore privileged than going to Yale. And for Hillary Clinton, at her age, to be going back and forth on white privilege is just embarrassing. This is an embarrassing construct that the left invented on college campuses because they were out of really bad slogans, like the anti-war slogans, like they haven't really evolved from “hell no, we won't go.” I mean, all the chants are the same. They can't come up with new chants, they can't come up with new ideas, so they came up with white privilege, microagression, and all the things that follow along. More on the patriarchy. I think the patriarchy thing hadn't really caught on. So now they're moving toward the consent for sexual relations. Right? They have to get written consent, they're doing new sexual consent policies on college campus to really nail down exactly how a woman or a man, a student, can give actual consent. This is what they spend their time doing at our American colleges and universities today.


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