Ingraham Laments Schools Teaching That Transgender Identity Is “Acceptable”

Laura Ingraham: “We Don't Want Our Boys Raised As Girls And We Don't Want Our Girls Raised As Boys ... That's What The Schools Are Doing, They're Gender Norming The Kids”

From the December 1 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Well I give you accolades. You're actually doing what we need more of in this country. We need children to be raised with great character and initiative and drive and kindness. And a sacrificial concern for others. And an institution, as great as teachers can be, they don't teach that the way you'll teach it. And they'll keep God out of the schools. And they'll, they'll educate boys that if they feel like girls, it's okay, and if girls feel like boys, that's okay. We don't want our boys raised as girls and we don't want our girls raised as boys. And that's what the schools are doing, they're gender norming the kids. They're deep sixing the references to God, and our founding fathers' views on the importance of virtue, civic virtue infused and formed by our religious background. That's all gone out of the schools.


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