Ingraham Guest: “Sue The SOB” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse “For Libel” For Fighting Big Oil's Climate Change Deception

From the March 14 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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JOSEPH DIGENOVA: You're right, if these were tea party people, I could assure you, the Department [of Justice] would be moving now.

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Oh, they'd be looking at a civil RICO -- I mean, they're looking at civil RICO against people who deny global warming at the Justice Department.

DIGENOVA: Right, oh yeah, yeah.

INGRAHAM: They would be tarring the entire conservative movement. They would say that the conservative movement's causing this, the conservative movement is enjoying this, they're trying to shut down Hillary's free speech. Its sexist, racist, everything that they could choose to say as an insult, and they would say it about tea party people. But, of course, tea party people don't do this. We let Hillary say -- we're not people who show up at rallies to generally shut people down from speaking. We actually like the exercise of First Amendment rights and the exchange of ideas. But you'd never know that by some of the --

DIGENOVA: I agree and I think the point that you've made about the climate change civil RICO, which was requested by [Sen.] Sheldon Whitehouse [(D-RI)], this clownish Senator who, by the way,pathetically is a former United States attorney. I have often thought that the speeches -- I've talked to climate people, conservative climatologists, and I've said to them, why don't you guys get together and file a lawsuit against Whitehouse. He's made statements not on the Senate floor, he's made op-ed statements accusing people of crime. Sue the SOB for libel. He doesn't have protected speech in an op-ed speech. Go on offense.  


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