Ingraham guest Clay Travis: “Nowadays, basically everything seems like it could be classified as sexual harassment”

Laura Ingraham hosts Clay “I like boobs” Travis to discuss sexual harassment

From the November 21 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

CLAY TRAVIS: I actually used to make a living as a lawyer doing sexual harassment training, of all things, and investigating sexual harassment. And it's just a total, total minefield when you're at work trying to deal with perceptions and reality and everything else. Like it is a -- and nowadays, basically everything seems like it could be classified as sexual harassment if somebody wants to do that. 

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): It just never ends. I'm sure people are shocked to hear what I'm saying about this, but I think sexual harassment is serious and should be treated as such when it actually meets the legal definition of sexual harassment. But saying everything is sexual harassment -- it's just like racism -- everything's racist ... no it isn't. There are racists, and then there are people who have a disagreement about an issue. And they happen to be a white person having a disagreement with a black person about a remedy or a policy. That's not racism, thank you very much. Don't diminish real racism, don't diminish real sexual harassment. That's my point. 


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