Ingraham: The GOP “Should Have Gone Through This” Intra-Party Civil War “Years Ago”

Laura Ingraham: “This Is Something The Party Had To Go Through ... But We Swept It All Under The Rug”

From the February 26 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: If [voters are] forced to choose, the ones who value change, change most, will probably go with Trump. So if you value change over ideological purity, you're going to go for Trump. But those who -- Cruz supporters, let's say Cruz doesn't do all that well on Super Tuesday. And they have to look for either Rubio or Trump, the ones who are more loyal to Bushism and the Bushes are going to go for Rubio. Ok, so the ones who are more sympathetic to the break it all up agenda, break this stuff up. Break this consultancy corrupt aura that's been choking Washington, break it up and start over again. Those are Trump people. But, you know this has been contentious. People say, well it's been so contentious. Well this is something the party had to go through. And it should have gone through this really difficult moment years ago. But we swept it all under the rug. We nominated John McCain, who basically agreed with the Bush agenda, even though the country had turned against it and the party had turned against it. And then we nominated Mitt Romney, who was too genteel to bring up these arguments the way they needed to be brought up. And in the end, in the end, Romney's a globalist as well. But when 2015 began, when it was clear that the GOP leadership had -- they had no intention of shifting their positions on immigration or trade. Any of these major issues. They didn't even want a serious debate on these issues. They -- remember, these people wanted to coronate Jeb Bush and they thought this was going to be wrapped up, because Bush had the money and the cache. He had all the connections, he had all the powerbrokers. Bush was going to wrap it up in early February. It'd be over. That plan didn't go well, because guess what? Somewhere along the line, issues did end up mattering. 


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