Fox's Laura Ingraham: Terrorism is “the price ... to pay for multiculturalism”

Ingraham also repeats false claim about CNN and an anti-ISIS protest

From the June 6 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): That's why, and Laura, the left is trying to be so PC and love everybody. You have all these celebrities -- the love fest. But here's the thing --

LAURA INGRAHAM: Right until the knife is at your throat, yeah.

EARHARDT: Right. We look at what's happening in London. And we have to look as a country and say, “What can we learn from this?” They were in the parks. Some of these terrorist suspects were in their parks with ISIS flags and the local network, Channel 4 there, had them on doing this documentary and no one went to their house and arrested them. Imagine if that happens in the parks here.

INGRAHAM: Well, yeah, well there will be a lot of people saying “that's free speech” and celebrate it. And -- that was all -- that all all look staged. Yeah, all of that looks staged, by the way. Didn't that look like that was all -- “OK, we're going to go in there, we're going to put our flag on the ground. Then we're all going to do the call to prayer and we're all going to” --that all looked -- that entire thing was made for TV and the journalists who were part of this, it's all part of the big scam. We saw that with the anti-ISIS protests that CNN was staging the other day. I mean, this is all part of the show. But the thing that's really sad about it, guys, is that innocent Brits and people traveling to London and all over the western Europe. Now the price they have to pay for multiculturalism is the risk that you're walking on the sidewalk and a man will -- or a woman, will purposefully mow you down. And then while you're maybe finishing your cappuccino in a cafe, or having a drink, someone will put a knife to your throat and slit it with the attempt, perhaps, to behead you. That's what we all have to live with for the free and open society that [London Mayor] Sadiq Khan and all these other multiculturalists want Britain to become. They want, they want -- this is the nirvana they wanted to create and this is what we have. 


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