Fox's Laura Ingraham complains that Democrats see anti-trans bigots as “terrible, horrible, awful, rotten” people

Ingraham also absurdly claims Democrats support the right to “terminate life after birth”

From Laura Ingraham's February 28 remarks at CPAC 2019:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (FOX NEWS HOST): So today, here we are, the envy of the world -- the American economy. We are the strongest economy of all G7 nations. Unbelievable. And yet we're at a point with the Democrats that now Obama, to them, to this new crop of [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez]-led Democrats -- Obama wasn't left-wing enough for these Democrats. Obamacare didn't go far enough, we now need “Medicare-for-all.” The Paris Accords, which obviously Donald Trump smartly said no to -- but for the left, not radical enough. We need the Green New Deal. Abortions, about a million a year, through most of a pregnancy -- that's not enough. Abortion of babies in the womb not enough, now we've got a way to terminate life after birth. DACA, that's not radical enough, no way, you need voting rights for illegal immigrants, you need to abolish ICE, and you need open borders. Supporting gay marriage, Supreme Court, that's the law of the land -- that's not enough for the left. Now it's transgender athletes must compete in girls' sports -- high school sports, college sports. And if you disagree with that, you're a terrible, horrible, awful, rotten person. That's where the Democrat Party is today.


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