Fox's Laura Ingraham calls vaccinating children against COVID a “disgusting” nonstarter

Ingraham: “It's going to cost you votes and possibly help you lose you control of Congress and the presidency”

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Citation From the May 17, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Mandating the masking of children, though? That is going to go down as a very dark chapter for the Democrats and the public health experts who advocated it. 

It's both antiscience and abusive to force children to wear a mask at playgrounds, summer camps, on planes, at any time. Yet that is still with the CDC is recommending, if you can believe it. It's totally illogical. 

Democrats and their union buddies are hoping, though, that mask rules for kids will force parents to relent and get their kids vaccinated even if they're uncomfortable with that.

But here's some advice for the left. Injecting children with an experimental vaccine for a disease they rarely get sick from and don't efficiently spread is a nonstarter for most parents. It's going to cost you votes and possibly help you lose you control of Congress and the presidency. Frankly, it's disgusting.