Fox's Ingraham Baselessly Suggests Obama's Executive Actions On Gun Violence Are About Creating A “Government Database Of Gun Owners”

Laura Ingraham: “This Is Not About Stopping Violence. This Is About Eroding Individual Liberty, And Amassing More Power In The Hands Of Government Bureaucrats”

From the January 5 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (HOST): Laura, let's talk a little bit about the president of the United States. Later today he's going to announce some executive action on gun control. Apparently what they're going to do is the White House is going to require some background checks at gun shows and online, and if you sell two or more guns in the course of a year you're going to have to become a dealer. What do you think about this action on the part of the president? And from your legal point of view?

LAURA INGRAHAM: Right. Well, number one, it has nothing to do with preventing gun violence. It has everything to do with amassing more power in Washington, D.C. It has nothing to do with stopping the next Sandy Hook, or the next San Bernardino. If we cared about guns, and gun violence, we would have sealed off the border, we wouldn't be doing things like Fast and Furious, selling guns, illegal guns to criminals as we did in the Obama Justice Department. So this is all a big charade. It's all about amassing power, and perhaps amassing, ultimately, a government database of gun owners in the United States. So they want to prevent people from transferring private sales, transferring guns. Is that going to stop any crime? Of course it's not. Look at what's happening in Chicago. We have 50 more murders in Chicago from 2014 to 2015, one of the toughest background checks, strict controls in Chicago. None of it matters. So this is not about stopping violence. This is about eroding individual liberty, and amassing more power in the hands of government bureaucrats, period.


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