Fox's Brit Hume: It “is unfair” to call Trump's “Pocahontas” attack a “racist slur,” it's “essentially harmless”

Hume: “I think that for Elizabeth Warren to call it a 'racist slur' is unfair,” and Warren should “just move on”

From the November 27 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle:

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BRIT HUME: He's ungenerous to people, he's constantly carping about people who are much smaller than he is. I'm not sure what that accomplishes, but I don't think it's a threat and I don't think it's racist.

You know, your earlier segment brought this to light as well. That term is flung around with abandon today and it is a tragedy, because the great achievement of the Civil Rights Movement, greater even than the important laws that were passed, were the consensus that it brought about that racism is wrong and not to be tolerated, and an overwhelming prohibitive majority of Americans feel that way.

And for that term to be flung around with abandon is an abuse, and there's been much too much of it, and I -- you know, I think that for Elizabeth Warren to call it a “racist slur” is unfair. It's wrong. She's a big girl. What he said is essentially harmless, if crude. Just -- my view of that is just move on.


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