Fox News guest defends Kanye West saying slavery was a choice: “We've got to get out of this mentality that everything in America is anti-black”

From the May 1 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle:

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KEVIN JACKSON: What I care about is that today we have young blacks who are taught that slavery is such a bad thing, it's -- for things that they haven't been through --

MICHAEL STARR HOPKINS: It is a bad thing.

JACKSON: Let me finish, Michael. They have been taught that the lack of civil rights -- by the way, all things done by the party that Michael supports and votes for are such bad things, when in fact --

HOPKINS: Come on, dude. Look, now you're just being full of crap.

JACKSON: When in fact -- no, you're being full of crap --

HOPKINS: Because you know that the Republicans and Democrats flipped.

JACKSON: The Republicans and Democrats -- don't talk to me about flipping --

HOPKINS: Lincoln -- Lincoln was a Republican, under a different banner --



JACKSON: Let me just say this, the issue is we've got to get out of this mentality that everything in America is anti-black, relating back to something that's 150 years old. It's ridiculous.


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