Fox Laments Lack Of Clinton Scandal Questions In First Presidential Debate 

 From Fox News' coverage of the First 2016 Presidential Debate:

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MEGYN KELLY (CO-HOST): Laura, what did you think about the fact that there weren't any questions asked about Clinton Foundation? 

LAURA INGRAHAM: Unbelievable, Megyn you took the words right out of my mouth. Lester Holt, and I always liked Lester, I used to work over at that network a long time ago. Always liked him, but did you notice he kept interrupting Trump, and rarely interrupted Hillary Clinton. Went after Trump of course on the tax returns which is not all that surprising. But nothing on the Clinton Foundation. Nothing on the pay to play. Nothing on Saudi Arabia. Nothing on the Russia-uranium deal. None of that was mentioned and I mean really nothing on Benghazi. Nothing on not being in the situation room. Maybe that will come in later debates, but I thought that was disappointing from Lester Holt and it was a little bit surprising for me because you know, I've known him throughout the years but I think that was obvious to the audience. Hillary got a lot more play and didn't get the interruptions  and that is why I think you saw Trump interrupting a few times by saying, “No, that is not accurate. No. That is not right.” 


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