Fox host Laura Ingraham says tech companies concerned with Russian meddling are also “in bed with the Chinese”

From the September 22 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Well, Mark Zuckerberg does have an interesting way of speaking. And we are very concerned about Russian bots and Russian entities making me richer by spending money on Facebook because we know everything about everyone all the time with our surveillance of activity on Facebook, but somehow we didn't know that these were Russian entities trying to help Trump during the election. So, now we are going to be working with the federal government to keep Rob Reiner and keep the Russia investigation going. 


We're pulling the curtain back for you because when you hear Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire boy Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, genius, brainiac, big liberal, of course. You hear him talking about how they are so worried about this Russian -- we can't stop it all, but we are going to work with the government to -- it's interesting to him to say and warn about government -- other government interference.


When he does billions of dollars of business with China.


Apple, Google, and Facebook are all in bed with the Chinese and all of them are obsessed with how Russia is changing election politics in the United States. 


Meanwhile, China can just bulldoze churches, imprison people, cheat, steal our intellectual property. All the things that they are doing, and they are a communist country, and they are censoring the internet and putting demands on Google to which they are acceding and nary a word. When have they criticized China? China stole 50 million personal files from the United States including mine. Mine got stolen.


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