Fox Host Claims Democratic Policy Recommendations Are “Going To Be A Gravy Train. Just A Trough”

Fox & Friends Criticizes Democrats For Proposing “Childhood Education, Higher Minimum Wage, Public College, Public Family Leave, Health Care, [And] Health Care For Children”

From the October 14 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY: From calzone though to free stuff -- if you were listening to [Bernie Sanders] everything is going to be a gravy train. Just a trough. Open it up. 

LAURA INGRAHAM: Well the kids like it, right? All the kids in college, like, yeah, we can keep playing foosball and hanging out after college because we're all going to -- they're going to take care of us. I mean, the laundry list of things that they're going to give the country gratis is quite something.

BRIAN KILMEADE: If you're on radio right now, childhood education, higher minimum wage, public college, public family leave, health care, health care for children, and in-state tuition for illegals, which they were cheering for!


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