Fox guest: Biden's administration should “encourage all Chinese-Americans” to “denounce China” for “infecting the world with COVID-19”

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Citation From the March 19, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle 

RAYMOND ARROYO (HOST): Ying, is that an accurate portrayal of life for an Asian-American, or is this politicizing isolated tragedies?

YING MA (GUEST): Well, I -- I think that what the Biden administration has done, and a lot of its allies, they've really over-hyped this.

There is real concern about racist attacks. There actually is real concern amongst Asian Americans about a rise in racist attitudes. However, it's not the case that everybody is living in fear. But, I would say two things -- there are two things that the Biden administration can do.

One is to send Kamala Harris to Oakland, which is the city where she declared her candidacy for president, and ask her to actually just denounce loud and clear Black on Asian violence.

The Oakland-San Francisco area is a place where Black-on-Asian violence has occurred repeatedly, and it's also the place where some of the most horrific attacks we've seen this year have occurred.

The second thing is actually to encourage all Chinese-Americans to come out and denounce China for the role that it has played in infecting the world with Covid-19.

And, along with that, the Biden administration needs to be very firm in holding China accountable for having done this to America and having done this to the world.