11 Times Right-Wing Media Blamed The World's Problems On Feminism

Conservative media have adopted a “blame feminism” approach to many of the world's problems, including rape and the lack of infrastructure funding. Here are 11 times right-wing media blamed feminism for creating the crisis of the day:

1. Ben Carson blamed the unrest in Ferguson, MO on the “women's lib movement.”

2. Conservative blogger Glenn Reynolds accused feminists of derailing infrastructure funding.

3. Rush Limbaugh blamed feminism for the NFL's punishment of football players.

4. On Fox News, Laura Ingraham suggested gender equality and “political correctness” were to blame for a security breach at the White House because the intruder was able to overpower a female security agent.

5. In the wake of the Ray Rice domestic abuse case, the extreme conservative website WND blamed domestic violence on feminism.

6. The Weekly Standard blamed the epidemic of campus sexual assault on feminism being “in control of America's colleges and universities.”

7. On June 15, Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday accused feminists of trying to “end” Father's Day.

8. The hosts of Fox News' Outnumbered agreed that feminism is to blame for boys falling behind in school.

9.  During a March 31 Heritage Foundation panel commemorating Women's History Month, conservative columnist Mona Charon cited the alleged "disintegration of family function" as one of feminism's many “failures.”

10. In a discussion on Fox News' The Five about a female teacher who had sex with her 15-year old student, co-host Andrea Tantaros claimed “women who do this feel like it's not as stigmatizing as it was before,” insisting that “there's something about feminism that lets them know 'I can do anything that a man does, I can even go after that young boy. I deserve it.'”

11. In 2012, Rush Limbaugh claimed that feminism is “ruining women.”