Watch John Oliver take on anti-abortion fake health clinics

Here are seven other resources to learn more

During the April 8 edition of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, host John Oliver delved into the numerous deceptive tactics of fake health clinics -- also known as crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) -- that erroneously represent themselves as comprehensive reproductive care clinics in order to manipulate people into not having abortions.

Here are seven additional resources on the deceptive practices of fake health clinics and the negative impacts they have on access to comprehensive reproductive health care:

  • primer on the various tactics fake health clinics use, including deceptive advertising, in-clinic misinformation, and reliance on media manipulation and outreach;
  • myths and facts about a California law regulating fake health clinics that will be decided by the Supreme Court this year;
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America’s website for its “End the Lies” campaign, connecting people to information about fake health clinics and the Supreme Court case;
  • six must-read pieces about how fake health clinics manipulate people looking for abortions and attempt to dissuade them from accessing reproductive health care;
  • a report from Broadly highlighting the different strategies used by anti-choice clinics to promote misinformation;
  • a closer look at the extreme beliefs and practices of Carol Everett, an anti-abortion activist who is attempting to control people’s access to reproductive care in Texas by using anti-abortion clinics; and
  • Full Frontal with Samantha Bee’s segment on how anti-abortion clinics are “a complete hustle” and “full of toxic bullshit.”