LVRJ publisher Frederick playing global warming denier again

In a June 3 blog post, Las Vegas Review-Journal publisher Sherman Frederick demonstrated that his daily reading consists primarily of the Drudge Report. Frederick picked up on an article linked to by Drudge from the New Scientist reporting that there are some islands in the Pacific that are growing in response to rising tides. In a post titled “More global warming debunked,” Frederick reprinted portions of the article and concluded: “Paging American liberals: Isn't it time for a little public confession on this spectacularly wrong environmental bed time story?”

Of course, nothing in the article debunks global warming. And putting aside the validity of the study, the article itself states that the scientists behind the study “warn that while the islands are coping for now, any acceleration in the rate of sea-level rise could overtake the sediment build up” and “no one knows how fast the islands can grow.” And the article also quotes an expert stating that “it's not possible to simply move people living in urbanised areas to new land.”

But other than that, this one article obviously proves that global warming is a “spectacularly wrong environmental bed time story.”