NewsMax reports "'Draft Kudlow' movement picking up steam"

From's January 31 "Insider Report":

1. 'Draft Kudlow' Movement Picking Up Steam

A rising voice is calling for CNBC talk host and supply-side economist Larry Kudlow to challenge liberal New York Sen. Chuck Schumer in this year's election.

And Kudlow said he is going to give a possible run “careful consideration.”

Newsmax first disclosed that Kudlow could have political aspirations back in March 2009, reporting that he was mulling a bid for Democratic Sen. Christopher Dodd's Senate seat from Connecticut. Kudlow announced several weeks later that he wasn't running.

But on Jan. 20, Newsmax reported that “the New York political scene is buzzing with talk of a movement to draft Larry Kudlow” to run as a Republican challenger to Schumer.

Several media outlets cited and/or linked to the Newsmax story in the days that followed, including Politico and The Village Voice in New York.

Then on Sunday, Jan. 24, the Buffalo News reported that Michael Caputo, who served as a speechwriter for Rep. Jack Kemp, is leading an online movement to draft Kudlow for the race, and has set up a Web site at

“No one in New York State deserves to stay home more than Chuck Schumer, and I really believe Larry Kudlow is the one person who can send him home,” he told the newspaper.

And Caputo told Newsmax: “It's time for Chuck Schumer to be sent packing.”

Kudlow has served as chief economist for several Wall Street firms, and was an economics adviser to President Ronald Reagan. He now runs his own economics research firm, hosts CNBC's “The Kudlow Report” and “The Call” programs, and hosts “The Larry Kudlow Show” on WABC Radio on Saturdays.

Caputo and his group aim to collect 100,000 signatures online to help convince Kudlow to enter the Senate race.


Just weeks after suggesting Dodd should be “impeached” on CNBC, Kudlow confirms interest in Dodd's Senate seat