Fox Business host Larry Kudlow claims climate change is a hoax because it's cold in Iowa

Kudlow: “Global warming is a hoax. The idea that it's some kind of emergency is a complete and utter hoax”

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Citation From the January 12, 2024, edition of Fox News' America Reports

LARRY KUDLOW (FOX BUSINESS HOST): You spent basically two hours talking about how cold it is in Iowa.

SANDRA SMITH (CO-ANCHOR): It's cold in Iowa.

KUDLOW: And you're very right, there's no denying it.

SMITH: It effects voter turnout and we're watching it. 

KUDLOW: It's also very cold throughout the Midwest. There's a story in the Washington Post today, 60 degrees below normal, parts of Montana, where we were married, minus 40 degrees. This is the Washington Post. So, I just want to know of Mr. Kerry, whatever happened to global warming? Why hasn't there been front page stories? I mean every time you get a little heat wave or every time you get a bad rainstorm, everyone runs with these crazy stories about global warming, global warming, global warming, and climate change.

SMITH: Yeah. 

KUDLOW: Alright? And so we have special envoys and this and that, and God knows we have EVs, we'll get to EVs in a minute, no one wants an EV. But, how about global freezing? Alright, not just in Iowa, but throughout the whole the Midwest of the country and maybe more.

SMITH: Oh yeah. Montana, baby. Whoa. 

KUDLOW: So it evens out. That's my point. And you can't apply long-term cycles of warming to what amounts to bad weather for a week or two. This is what Kerry and these others in the administration --

SMITH: Well, the fact of the matter is -- 

KUDLOW: The whole thing is a -- I just want to -- it is a hoax. Global warming is a hoax. The idea that it's some kind of emergency is a complete and utter hoax -- 

SMITH: Well, there's real world --

KIDLOW: and the socialist green new deal is a hoax also.