Larry Elder: I don't have the temperament or the drive to be governor of California

Media Matters has previously reported on Elder's long and toxic record as a right-wing radio host and pundit

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Citation From a February 4, 2021, video posted to the YouTube page of Salem Media Group's The Larry Elder Show

LARRY ELDER (HOST): Most recently, somebody that you know quite well has approached me and I said I subscribe to the Walter Cronkite philosophy, I'd love to serve. I hate to have to run. I just don't believe I have the stomach, the temperament. the personality, the drive, the willingness to deal with these doofi in Sacramento for the next several years of my life. Have I exhausted all of my excuses yet? Anyway, thank you very much for that. That's very flattering. But no, I'm not going to I'm not going to run. I would miss being on the radio as well.

Conservative pundit Larry Elder announced his run for governor of California months after he declared that he did not have the temperament or the drive for the job. Media Matters has previously reported Elder's affinity for pregnancy discrimination, hatred of the Americans with Disabilities Act, fondness for conspiracy theories about voting machines, and a longstanding toxic record from his years as a right-wing pundit.

The ridiculous rules of the California recall election make it so that Elder may well be governor with a mere fraction of the vote.