“Plandemic” director says he's working with Fox's Lara Logan on a new video

While appearing on a show supporting the QAnon conspiracy theory, Mikki Willis, the director of the viral coronavirus conspiracy theory video Plandemic, announced that he was collaborating on a video about Afghanistan with Fox Nation host Lara Logan. According to Vice, Willis previously said that he was “forming a new media company with” Logan, and Logan is quoted on the Amazon page for a book Willis wrote as calling Willis “a courageous journalist who exemplifies what good men are capable of when standing for principles and the truth.”

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Citation From the November 17, 2021, edition of the MatrixxxGrooove Show

JEFFREY PEDERSEN (CO-HOST): And so, you know, you gave us a little bit of a preview in Oklahoma of a video that you did. How's that coming along?

MIKKI WILLIS: Oh, the one in Oklahoma was Afghanistan.

PEDERSEN: Yes, sir.

WILLIS: Video. Yeah, that's coming along really great. It's a project that I'm working on with journalist Lara Logan and --

PEDERSEN: Amazing.

WILLIS: -- to really to expose what really happened there regarding the debacle with the rescues and all of that, and also to bring more attention to that because there are still people that are trapped in very unsafe territories.


PEDERSEN: You know, and you know, I think it was like a 15-minute piece that you were allowed us to see.


PEDERSEN: And I tell you, I just -- it was so well done.

WILLIS: Thank you.

PEDERSEN: And it needs to get out there. Do you know when that might come out soon? Because I mean, there was not a dry eye in the house.

WILLIS: Well, I tell you, I'll tell you what. Lara Logan arrives tonight for the Courage Awards --


WILLIS: -- and you should ask her that because there was some legal situations that were going on --


WILLIS: -- that had them hold the movie back a little bit, and I think they have overcome those right now. And they're trying to make sure that that the veterans that we're going to help wouldn't be prosecuted and persecuted. And so I think that that has been overcome, but it would be a good question to ask Lara.

PEDERSEN: That would be excellent and I'd love to interview her as well.


PEDERSEN: She's --

WILLIS: She gets here at five o'clock.

PEDERSEN: Excellent.